Movie Themed Slots

Move themed slots are rather popular these days. When a movie experiences theatrical success more often than not a slot game soon follows. These can be quite excellent and serve to bring the player once more into a world that they love with the added bonus of potentially winning some money. Here are just a few of the best movie slots out there.

Jurassic Park

Such a popular movie it comes as no surprise that it is a slot game as well. Produced by Microgaming, Jurassic Park instantly transports players into the prehistoric world, with the reels on a lush forest backdrop and all the symbols featuring dinosaurs and four characters from the film. All are hyper-realistic and in fact appear to be stills from the movie. If this wasn’t enough, the slot occasionally throws in surprise movie clips at dramatic moments serving to ramp up the excitement. There are bonus features galore, with a variety of free spins with bonuses that will depend on which of the dinosaur symbols triggered them. An RTP of 97%, 243 pay lines, and a decent jackpot serve to make this a classic just like its namesake.

Terminator 2

Another classic movie turned slot, Terminator 2 uses photos from the film in its game as well. Again from Microgaming, this slot was a long time in the making but it was worth the wait. Five reels and 243 ways to win, the game is very robotic, reminiscent of a terminator. The sound effects and music are straight from the film creating that eerie ambiance so iconic with the movie. There are also excellent bonus features including free spins and an interesting T-800 Vision bonus that randomly pays out prizes during the game.These are just two of a huge number of movie themed slots that also includes Playtech’s Marvel Superheroes and The Mummy, IGT’s Ghostbusters and of course more from Microgaming in the form of The Dark Knight Rises. There are many, many more and often casinos will have their slots in labelled sections allowing players to simply search for movie slots and find the perfect game.