Different Types of Slots

Slots come in a variety of forms and it really depends on the individual player as to what they prefer. However, for the uninitiated, here is a brief breakdown of some of the main types of slots that are available.

Three Reel Slots

Firstly, there are the traditional slots. These are rather basic and contain just three reels. To win a player simply needs to match three symbols in a row and depending on the value of that individual symbol; the prize money won will be different. These traditional slots usually have symbols such as cherries, melons, gold bars and sevens. They are also the original form when land-based slot machines were first created as they did not require such complicated mechanisms. Nowadays, both on and offline the slots are much more advanced allowing for more intricate game play.

Five Reel Slots

Players more commonly opt for the five-reel, five-row slots. These bigger slots allow for more winning opportunities as there are more pay lines used. They will also have more combinations of pay lines available, Hence, rather than just the traditional straight across the reels win, they will have diagonal and even triangle shaped pay lines. Some slots have hundreds or even a thousand pay lines available, which can create small wins on almost every spin.


In attempts to stand out from the vast number of slots, some providers have even started altering the reels with diamond shapes, double reels, and even more variations commonly surfacing. In recent years the most notable addition to the slot ranks has been that of progressive slots. These have a jackpot that will continue to grow as more people play and no one wins. Even when there isn’t a highly progressive jackpot, these games usually start the jackpot at around the million mark, making these types of slots more sought after.